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Leadership Edge, Inc. (LEI) seeks to bless and redirect culture toward God-honoring leadership. We develop the kind of leaders our world needs by engaging students, young professionals and other young leaders at an age and stage in life in which their most important views on life, leadership, and values are still being formed. We do this by providing authentic Life-On-Life mentoring and training others to mentor with this vision.

Our mentoring is a life-on-life experience between a mentor and mentee oriented toward a vision for Christ-centered, world-changing influence.  Whether meeting over coffee or a meal or spending time doing some kind of activity together, they have intentional conversations that include: prayer, Scripture reading, leadership frameworks and tools, coaching and debriefing of lessons learned. 

The mentor is a committed, mature Christian who has been trained as a Leadership Edge mentor. The mentee is typically a believer who is younger and/or less spiritually mature than the mentor and already possesses the basic foundations of Christian faith.

* This video speaks of Watoto Christian Hall, the previous name ascribed to Miscio.

What is Leadership Edge Mentoring?

Miscio: Miscio is a global learning company that provides high quality, Christian Graduate and Undergraduate education for the holistic formation of a student spiritually, physically, socially, and professionally.

Our vision is to develop wholesome leaders to transform their sphere of influence for the glory of God.

Mentor's Role: Mentors make the difference! Your role in a mentee's life is pivotal to the student's spiritual formation. The mentor program is an essential component of Miscio, as is it the primary means by which students will be engaged in non-academic formation. Mentors are carefully recruited and trained to work with each student to ensure successful completion of the program and pursuit of short and longterm goals.

Mentor Training

"Mentorship is an investment, an investment into someone else’s life. I have been challenged and encouraged through this mentorship training in many different ways. I know that I need to have an ongoing relationship with God. I need to edify myself and seek God’s wisdom I cannot grow in what I do not have. I am here to help my mentees grow, to help them learn, but also to help them see the perspective of who they are in God’s eyes."

Dorothy Nyemera

"Mentorship is a relationship and a journey that two people will agree on. Particularly for empowerment reasons. Mentorship is a key component to empowering other people who have dreams and who have opportunities they haven’t yet realized.

If you are interested, if you are excited, if you are passionate about the idea of developing people and seeing them become everything that God has called them to be, I invite you to come and be part of this amazing training under LEI and Miscio. Take up the opportunity of mentorship and help others develop a life that brings glory and honor of God.

Richard Egesa


Accreditation: As a mentor, you'll be trained and certified through our North American partner program, Leadership Edge Inc. (LEI). Leadership Edge Mentoring is a one-on-one, biblically-based mentoring relationship built upon a vision for God-honoring influence. They have been successfully training mentors for over 30 years. Their mission is "to provide authentic Life-On-Life mentoring that impacts the entire life of Next Generation Leaders."

You Can Make A Difference As A Mentor!

Interested in being trained to become a Leadership Edge, In.c (LEI) mentor  through Miscio?

Our Next Mentor Training Offering Will be Held on the Following Dates:

October 15 & 22, November 5 & 12 (4pm EAT)

Followed by a Commissioning on November 20

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Each web session is scheduled for 2 hours and costs only $50 for all sessions and access to the LEI training materials. We hope that you will join us!

Registration for these web-based class is capped at 20 participants. Once we reach this limit, you will be added to the waiting list for the next offering. 

Course Objective

To equip committed and mature Christians through the Mentor Training program to become LEI Mentors to help fulfill LEI’s vision of blessing and redirecting our culture toward God-honoring leadership.

"The Prayerful Investment in The Life of a Young Leader is One Way That God Has Given You to Change The World."        ~ John Hawkins

Mentor Trainee Profile 

To ensure your success in the training program as well as the cohort discussion sessions, we provide this profile of one who is ready for the opportunity to be trained as a LEI Mentor.

  • One who believes that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God and is the primary guide for living the Christian life. LEI mentor training is developed on this basis of understanding.
  • Affirms a Biblical understanding of the content and implications of the Gospel as descriptive of their faith.
  • A growing Christian, committed to a local church and growing in understanding and experiencing of God and godliness in all aspects of everyday life.
  • Has a practical grasp of the Bible and its application to everyday life.
  • Commits to prayerfully consider your interest and fit to become a LEI Mentor. This decision will occur following completion of the LEI Mentor Training during the final step of Mentor qualification as it is mutually agreed upon by the participant and the LEI staff.

Course Design

The LEI Mentor Training program consists of 4 courses and the Life Vision Statement which provides the framework for LEI Mentoring. Be prepared to discuss the courses as outlined below in the four web-based discussions. LEI staff leading the session will emphasize major points, guide participant discussion, provide examples and answer questions about the materials.

Our Hope

Our hope is that those who complete this training will become mobilized LEI Mentors.  This is not a requirement for beginning or completing the training. Those who complete the training and qualification requirements and commit at the end of training to mentor at least one mentee for 4 months will be qualified as a “Leadership Edge Mentor.”  We also hope that many of those who complete the LEI Mentor Training program will eventually serve with us in training other LEI Mentors.

Join us for our next cohort this May!